It seems that with each new location to which life takes me, my artwork shifts in accordance.  I am experimenting with a new location, Clifton, New Jersey to be exact, and the artwork that has come from this move is purely experimental.  

I have always admired Georgia O'Keeffe's Poppies, and the them of my new kitchen is red and poppies (yes, I know that my artwork shouldn't match a decorative theme, but at least I didn't match it to the couch!) so I wanted to create my own poppy inspired piece.  

I love experimenting with texture, both implied and real...and here I took different colored pieces of thick paper and collaged them into my design.

Let me know what you think of it!

Erin L. McMahon,  Poppy , paint and paper on canvas, 2015.

Erin L. McMahon, Poppy, paint and paper on canvas, 2015.